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Jobs in Horology, Jewellery making, and Antique Restoration

So maybe clocks, watches or jewellery fascinate you - where do you start?

Well, it probably depends on where you want to end up!

The easiest way to get a job in the industry as a whole is at the retail end - common High Street stores like H Samuel are one way in, you may get a chance to learn skills like changing watch batteries, but all other repairs tend to get "outsourced".

But who to? well some of the big brands like Rolex have their own "approved" repairers but most often the people doing the real restoration, mending and creative work are sole traders, so jobs are not going to be a simple case of applying to a firm and getting an interview - unless you are really lucky! 

But - what is becoming more possible today, are jobs through apprenticeship schemes.

Other places to start looking for horology jobs:

But is it worth it? Well only you can decide that.

Certainly there are very few people that make millions in Horology or even antique restoration - but also there is a steady demand for quality repairs - especially for older clocks, watches and antiques.

"My parents live near a largish village - there is a clock and watch repair business there that has premises right on the high street - and he always has a waiting list for repairs of between 6-9 months. There are, consistently, many customers out there needing quality repairs."

What can a long term career be like?

The British Clockmaker started as an apprentice and describes fifty years of experience in horology.

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