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Horology Resources and Links

This by no means a full list of horology links on the web, but there are some comprehensive ones below. This is a selection of some of the best/ most interesting/ useful sites we have visited. Feel free to suggest other web sites, particularly UK ones. 
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UK Horology Organisations:  

  • BHI logo (British Horological Institute) - a thorough and frequently updated site, with hints and tips sections, news, who is in your area and a member of the institute, and BHI members area. List of Links to repairers in your area, getting qualified in Horology, jobs and apprenticeships.

  • Antiquarian Horological Society -  Promoting the study of clocks and watches and the history of time measurement.


  • Ever wondered how pendulum clocks work? Including experiments to try and everything. How Pendulum Clocks work
  • "Build your own clock" project - build to your own design, choose hands, numerals etc the fit a modern clock movement to keep perfect time.
  • Workshop Hints and Tips for Clock making and repairing - a large collections of articles and reference material can be found on the BHI site : BHI Hints and Tips Index

History of clocks and watches:


  • Horology Museums around the world - Discover some of the antique watches, clocks and music boxes that that are on display around the world.
  • Delightful Machines – lots of pages about different clocks and timepieces, water powered clocks, rolling ball clocks etc. fascinating! David MacMillan's Delightful Machines - no frills and frippery, just solid information. Contains some really detailed stuff on water clocks.
  • Manor House Museum / Moyses Hall– The Manor House venue has now closed but all the clocks and watch displays are now housed in the Moyses Hall. If you want an insight into the watch and clock making history of the UK browse this site (or visit!). View the collection of watches and clocks, and exhibits on the history of timekeeping and timepieces in England, Europe, and the US.
  • American Clock and Watch Museum: A collection of clocks and watches from different periods in history. View the differences in the construction and design of clocks and watches made centuries ago.
  • The Bily Clocks Museum: A gathering of unique clocks carved by the Bily brothers, Frank and Joseph, in the early twentieth century. Read about the clocks carved by the brothers including one referred to as the Apostle Clock.
  • Hoffman Clock Museum: Features hundreds of clocks on display with a focus on the clocks of New York State. This impressive group of time pieces offers a look at the styles and designs of clocks through history.
  • Timex Group Museum: Learn more about the history of Timex Group watches. A timeline with illustrations of timepieces helps to create a story of the brand's history.
  • Ithaca Clock Museum: An amazing collection of American clocks are on display at this museum. Many of the clocks were made in the Ithaca, New York area or are otherwise connected to the city.
  • Conger Street Clock Museum: A wide variety of timepieces are on view in this collection. The clocks in this historical gathering are in working order.
  • The Bowes Museum: A beautiful gathering of clocks, watches and clockwork automaton (eg. the swan) from centuries past. Well worth a visit to the museum, or use the search the collection tool from the bottom of the collection search page.
  • Dave's American Clocks: Take a web tour of this collection of American clocks with accompanying descriptions.
  • A Watch Clock Collection: Discover more about watch clock history in this Detex Watchman gathering of clocks.
  • US Military Watch Museum: View the chronometers and deck watches in this military-related online collection.

Cool, Exciting and Fun:

Info, How-tos and Tips and Tricks:

  • www.Timezone.com – articles, how to’s good pictures of watch parts and what there are / how they work. (costs to get a link on there).
  • British Horological Institute - lots of info. with hints and tips sections, news etc. Very comprehensive back catalogue of articles on horology and watch and clock repair. List of Links to repairers in your area, getting qualified in Horology, jobs and apprenticeships.
  • timedesign : Hans-Peter Bruggers' comprehensive, multilingual guide to good design and timepieces.

Horology Listings and Indexes:

  • Horology Index   The Horology Index created by Fortunat Mueller-Maerki, a longtime member of the NAWCC, The comprehensive guide to horological resources on the Internet. Crosslinks to as much horological information on the WWW as is available. Thorough. Also has a search facility. Very good for finding resources (shops and suppliers) in the USA
  • www.clockswatches.com - a horological library, bulletin board and archive site
  • Global Horology discussion group, help and advice. Lots of activity currently (checked 2016)
  • Chris Heals - Horology information site, parts cross reference, and watch repairer.

Online Companies:

  • http://www.derekroberts.com/horologi.htm - Antique Clocks dealer and restorer (some beautiful high quality pictures). Antique items for sale.
  • http://www.bablas.co.uk - Babla's Watch Repair Centre - Casio watches, Cuckoo clocks, Watch Repairs. Providing a professional service for Rado watch repair, Rolex watch repair, Longines watch repair, Gucci watch repair, Tissot and others.
  • www.marklavertonclocks.com - Mark Laverton Clocks. Beautifully made authentic clocks and barometers. French polished  English Oak, Mahogany and Cherry , or painted cases. Hand engraved brass or hand painted white dials.
  • www.watchworx.co.uk - Watch Works and TheStrapShop
    Online retailer of quality watch straps and accessories. Online ordering available.

Other Links:

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Clocks, the monthly magazine for clock collectors, repairers and makers
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