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Product List

The following is a brief product list showing our main lines, many of which can be found on this website. All of the following items are stocked at AGThomas and we can normally turn around orders within 24 hours. (New customers - see our ordering guidelines). To move around this page use the links, or just scroll down.

We now have a E-commerce Shop site at which lists over a thousand of our more popular product lines, (from our total stock of over 10,000 lines).

Do talk to us for hard-to-find parts - we can often help as we do hold stock from numerous manufacturers including many discontinued lines. Our knowledgeable staff can help track down all sorts of vital clock and watch parts for you.

BUY ONLINE: Our most popular tools and equipment products are now available to buy online now at visit AGT Shop

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Watch Movements and Materials (catalogue available, please ask, or download a pdf from the brochures page)

Replacement Watch Movements
Quartz materials
Repair parts for all the major available watch houses
Watch Batteries (Rayovac) See also: replacement tools
Crowns (watch buttons)
Watch glasses (UBs)
Watch glass Fitting tools
Jewel holes
Renata balances
Ronda staffs and stems
Miyota Stems
Shockproof material
Spring bars & Threaded bars
Various watchmaker assortments
Watch Straps:
 - Leather Straps
 - Expander and Fixoflex bracelets
 - Resin and Velcro Strap
 - Centre Clasp Bracelets
Waterproof Watch Tester

Clock Movements and Materials (catalogue available, please ask) Back to toparrowtop.gif (879 bytes)

Quartz Clock Movements (including Hechinger)
Bezels, Dials and Numerals
Clock hands, large / small, plain / fancy
Quality long case and Vienna clock materials
Spire balls, Finials, Spandrels, Escutcheons, Brass case parts & ornaments etc.
Keys and gut lines
Bushes (Bergeon, KWM, Brass etc.)
Clock Mainsprings
L&R Clock cleaning fluids
Clock oils and restoration products

Hand Tools, Equipment and Sundries (catalogue available, please ask) Back to toparrowtop.gif (879 bytes)

Abrasives - oilstones, emery etc. Jewellers Burrs
Adhesives and Cements
Battery testing and changing tools
Brushes, broaches and buffs & polishing compounds
Bergeon Tools and Watchmakers Knife
Bergeon Case Opening Tools
Bracelet tools
Case opening and case closing tools
Diamond Files and Burrs
Drills and files
Ear piercing tools from Caflon and Caress
Electronic scales
Gauges, measuring tools, gold testing
Findings (bead threading items, snaps, boltrings, jump rings, ear fittings, ring clips, safety chains, stones)
L&R cleaning solutions (including Ultrasonic cleaning solutions)
...Safety cabinets to keep them in.
Oilers, oilcups, oils and greases.

Ring Tools - sizing machines, rings sticks and finger sizes.
Scales from Ohaus
Tanita Electronic Scales
Screwdrivers and tweezers
Small solder tools, solders and fluxes
Microwelders (for soldering)
Ultrasonics (cleaning tanks)  
Rolling mills, jeweller's processing equipment of all kinds
Vernier Gauge
Watch Glass Fitting Tools
Waterproof Tester - Calypso

Gifts and Jewellery (Leaflets and brochures available, please ask)  Back to toparrowtop.gif (879 bytes)

Jean Pierre Watches
New Collection - Mount Royal Watches
Caflon Ear Piercing from A G Thomas
9ct Gold and silver charms, pendants crosses etc.
9ct Gold necklets and bracelets
Silver and fashion broaches
Earrings - Gold Stone-Set collection
Freshwater Pearls
Nose studs & Body Jewellery
Men's cufflinks & Tie Bars
Stop watches and Electronic timers
Pedometers and Silva Compass
Leather Watch Straps & Bands
Resin & Velcro Sports Watch Straps
FixoFlex Watch Bracelets
AGT Expanding Watch Bracelets

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